At the age of eleven when receiving my first Kodak Brownie Camera was my introduction into photography.  I was fascinated with being able to capture the fun times with friends and family and not aware at that time that I was creating lifetime memories. 
Many years later as I continued learning photography I was taught by the following: The New York School of Photography, Bryan Peterson School of Photography, Peters Valley, countless seminars, and workshops.  Including mentorships with professional photographers. 
After establishing my studio, Photography by Louisa, I joined the Northeast Pennsylvania Professional Photographers Association where my education continued to grow with provided seminars led by well-known professional photographers.  My photography career started with weddings and portraits later evolving into Fine Art Photography, Still Life, Landscapes and Flowers. 
With photography there is always something new to learn and I am regularly striving to move upward as the industry evolves with new equipment, techniques or experimenting with my own ideas. 
Awards: Blue Ribbon Awards from Northeast Pennsylvania Professional Photographers Association, NPPPA Five Court of Honor Prints Award, Fassbender Trophy Award.
Second place winner of the 2017 Pocono Living Magazine Landscape Photo Contest.  First place winner of the Pocono Living Magazine 2018 Historic Structures contest. 
Served as President of the Northeast Pennsylvania Professional Photographers Association. 
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